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Burma (modern day Myanmar) is the Northernmost country of Southeast Asia and is bordered by China, Laos, Thailand, Bangladesh, and India. With these shared borders, there are countless differences that set out to divide cultures and people. However, with it also comes an influence of rich culture, tradition, flavors, and one universal language… food.

Food is a powerful storyteller, it acts as a symbol of connection, self expression…

It pushes boundaries, geographical differences, generations, and bridges cultures.

Teakwood showcases the beauty and vibrance of Burmese culture and its surrounding cultural influences. The menu is a nod to our rich culture, bold flavors, and is a collection of some of our families most honored and endeared recipes and flavors made with some of Northern California's best ingredients.

A sister restaurant to Burma Love, Burma Bites, and Burma Superstar restaurants, Teakwood sets out to push boundaries, and continue to bridge cultures through food with a culinary experience rooted in tradition, with an innovative flare that makes it nothing short of a memorable dining experience.

Here at Teakwood, we are adventurers driven by curiosity, and firm believers that there is beauty in discovery. Let us take you on a journey of culinary discovery as we set out to bridge cultures through food, together.